azores youth hostels

New image for azores youth hostels.

The brief aimed at renewing and repositioning the brand to increase azores youth hostels tourist stays, among young and nature enthusiasts across portugal and the world.

Azores is thought to be the last remains of Atlantis, the islands still remain unspoiled by man. Filled with green forests, clearwater lagoons, volcanic caves and mineral hot springs, it’s the ideal location for those who enjoy spending time among nature.

The visual concept for this new identity is derived from the nine islands that creates Archipelago of the Azores, this nine geometric shapes in a structured return to peace in a perfect geometric balance of a beautiful island. The logo, which is inspired by green forests, clearwater lagoons colors, greens and blues, does keep one basic element of the old logo, because the shape of the island logo also remains to a roof, in this case a perfect natural roof in harmony with the typography that creates the illusion of a youth house.


Date    2013
   Youth Hostels Azores / Scripturis
Project   Corporate Identity
Art direction   Catarina Alves Costa
Concept Jorge Lopes
Design   Jorge Lopes
Agency   designsete