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What is it? How it emerged?
DFLKTR is a collective of urban intervention.
A group of great artists and longtime friends, that had a unanimous desire to create a working group completely experimental, where everyone could contribute their vision.
Spread over different areas, gather in DFLKTR are multiple knowledge based on, graphic design, digital design, motion graphics, installations, user experience, street art and other art related interests or forms of expression.
From which emerged the idea presented in in cubo gallery?
We have a Graffiti background and we wanted something similar, that gave us freedom to draw, but also an easy technique for the general public to interact. We had already tried a few things with LEDs, and wiht the prespective of trying to do something new, the idea of ​​light was unanimous.
intentional interactivity?
yeah, no doubt. Somehow we feel that there are many exhibitions of “artists for artists”, but our idea is to make an exhibition to “artists for non artists” and try to democratize the process of artistic creation, where everyone can participate, experiment and learn. Interactivity is the difference between a good event and an unforgetable event.
next projects?
There are some proposals, we have numerous ideas, and soon we will be out again screaming at people to come try our new toys! We all have our own jobs outside DFLKTR what forces us to think more seriously what kind of events we want to hold. The only thing we can reveal is that soon we’re back.